Impatient “Star Wars” fans unable to wait for the release of Episode VII, scheduled for late 2015, can kill time by watching the series of trailers for a tribute of the original film that’s being created completely in the Minecraft universe.

Minecraft – Star Wars – A New Hope” has excited the “Star Wars” fan base by recreating “Star Wars: A New Hope” scene-for-scene. Creator Paradise Decay announced on his website that 70 minutes of the film is in the can, and with another 40 minutes to go, all signs point to the project being finished by the April 2015 Star Wars Celebration convention.

Fans are encouraging each other to donate to the project using PayPal. The Minecraft version of “A New Hope” still requires the original movie to be played simultaneously in the background, though, as the Minecraft version won’t include any audio.

Paradise Decay explained on his website that inspiration for the movie hit when his then 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer.

“They didn’t think she would survive past Boxing Day! She is now 16 and loves playing Minecraft,” he said. “Not only is this project going to be fun to do for my daughter Sarah, but it takes her mind off her daily ongoing problems and health issues. Her tumor can never be removed, and she has to live with all the side effects this terrible disease brings.”

The latest trailer for "Minecraft - Star Wars -A New Hope" is available here: