A time-lapse video reportedly showing Israeli ordnance leveling a neighborhood in Gaza surfaced Tuesday, showing the destructive efficiency of weaponry being used in the now three-week-long campaign Israel calls Operation Protective Edge.

The video was first posted by Buzzfeed’s Middle East correspondent, Sheera Frenkel. The video is reportedly of Gaza City's Shejaiyah neighborhood, which has already been the site of intense fighting. It asserts that the leveling took about one hour, but there is no independent confirmation.

The explosions are varied, some appearing to be from artillery and others from airstrikes. As Business Insider notes, there are a number of secondary explosions that could be Hamas weapon stores exploding.

Vice News visited the neighborhood following then intense bombing campaign to survey the damage.

More than 1,000 Palestinians have been killed since the conflict began on July 8, while 52 Israeli soldiers and three civilians have been killed. A proposed cease-fire brought some brief breaks in the fighting on Monday, but rocket attacks, airstrikes and ground fighting remained the norm.

Gaza's only power plant was destroyed and 100 Palestinians were killed during Israeli airstrikes overnight between Monday and Tuesday. The plant supplied one-third of Gaza's power and will reportedly take months to repair.