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To build a high-end, self-contained city in a conflict zone. Kate Shuttleworth visits the mega-development known as Rawabi under construction in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. 

  • West Bank Rawabi Housing by Kate Shuttleworth
    Rawabi apartment blocks tower over an amphitheater under construction. Photo: Reuters
  • Mississippi Old Court House
    The American and Confederate flags share space in Vicksburg, Mississippi’s Old Court House Museum. Photo: Reuters
  • Sandy Hook Street Artist Panzarino Mark
    Sandy Hook Memorial street artist Mark Panzarino. Photo: Reuters
  • Bashkortostan Russia by Scott Brauer
    People ride a minibus bound for the Central Market in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia. Photo: Reuters

Red, Redder, Reddest, Blue!

There is no violet in the future of conservative but high-minority states like Mississippi and Texas, where notoriously hyper-conservative electorates are likely to flip in the not-so-distant future. Ryan Nave reports. 

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Gauging The Cultural Weight Of Investment

Nat Rudarakanchana looks at the trend toward private equity firms investing in socially conscious causes -- or divesting from dubious ones, with the Newtown shootings as an example. 

Ever Heard Of Bashkortostan?

How about its capital, whose catchy self-description is “The City of 52 Kilometers”? Joe Hammond explores the bitterly cold Russian region, the latest addition to the world’s list of oil-rich, terrorism-vulnerable states. 

We Shall Take Our Chateau Tour Elsewhere, Monsieur!

Violent protests and tourism bans come in response to persistent bullfighting in rural France. Chris Zara reports. 



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