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  • Amtrak diner car by Huffman
    Diner car passengers aboard the Amtrak Crescent IBtimes/Alan Huffman
  • India microlending Sreeja VN
    Women who were victimized by microlending practices in India IBTimes/Sreeja VN
  • Serbia Kosovo grave Nov 2013
    A Kosovo Serb woman cries over a vandalized grave in the ethnically divided Kosovo town of Mitrovica, Nov. 2, 2013. Reuters
  • Sodas Reuters Roxanne Mag
    An assortment of soft drinks Reuters
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Here's a preview of this week's IBTimes Magazine:

Strangers On A Train: 32 Hours From New Orleans To New York

Alan Huffman boards the Amtrak Crescent to find out who takes a 1,300-mile train trip across America today. 

Microlending: The Economic Golden Child Who Turned Very, Very Bad

A cautionary tale in which poor Indian women give up everything, in some cases their lives, for the loan of a few dollars. Sophie Song and Sreeja VN report.

Time Served?

Serbia wants in to the European Union. The question is, how will the Balkan nation’s murderous history come into play? Helen Massy-Beresford with the latest out of Belgrade. 

The Delicious Taste Of… Modified Compounds?

Pepsi and Coke are looking at ways to make their drinks seem sweeter without adding more sugar, including through taste-modifying compounds. Roxanne Palmer reports.

Not Speaking, In An Unknown Tongue

The last two men who can communicate in an obscure Mexican language are no longer on speaking terms. Avedis Hadjian talks to both (in Spanish, their second language). 



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