It's the weekend and even the celebrities take a break from their usual ways. This weekend, some were off to Nicole-Madden wedding, while others like the Glee cast came down with sickness. Here is a round-up of interesting bytes the Hollywood people gave this week:

Doing his promotions for The Tourist Johnny Depp spills this tiny detail about himself while talking about acting with Angelina Jolie and keeping off his cell phone. The Pirates of the Caribbean star revealed his greatest fear!

Nothing scares me more than dancing, he said.

Jamie Foxx on starting his birthday celebrations from December 13 to January 13: I'm gonna get arrested. I want to get arrested... I celebrate all month... It'll be January 13th and I'll be like, 'It's my birthday!'

Danny Boyle on James Franco’s amputation scene in 127 Hours: I was expecting walkouts... I thought the studio would try to water it down... We've had no walkouts, but we have had a few carry-outs. People have found it too much.

Reese Witherspoon has been all over the front pages of entertainment dailies with her pet peeves on first date, super hero movie roles to finding Robert Pattinson attractive. Her most interesting statement was about the fans, who she believes can sometimes be the harshest critics.

“I’d say 99 per cent of the people who come up to me, the energy is totally positive. Not that people don't come up and go, 'I hated your last movie, it sucked' - and I go, 'I know, I'm sorry. Do you want your money back?'

Ricky Gervais of The Office and The Extras fame said he gets his high not from the laughs but how much he manages to shock his audiences.

I'm always daring people to complain. The gasp gives me an even bigger buzz than the laugh, the comedian remarked.