After more naked photos of himself were released today, Anthony Weiner called a press conference at 4 p.m. 

The photos were allegedly received by a young woman on May 20 via Weiner's email. Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted the photos at around 10 a.m. on Monday. At Weiner's scheduled conference at 4 p.m., the one that showed up was BreitBart.Hijacking the press conference, Breitbart took the podium and answered questions for around 13 minutes before Weiner's aides ran down the hall in the hotel to tell Weiner that Breitbart was there, reported Fox News. 

In the actual press conference, Weiner told the media that he had had sexually-explicit exchanges with six women, whom he had never met in person, over the last three years.  Weiner is not sure of the identities of these women. All I know about them is what they posted about themselves on social media, including Facebook and Twitter as well as over the phone.

The lewd photo was meant to be a direct message to a woman. When Weiner accidentally posted the photo on Twitter, he panicked and deleted it. Admitting he had lied by saying his account was hacked, Weiner said, the lie was to protect my wife, protect my family and protect myself from the shame. Weiner's voice cracked as he was tearing up while making apologies to his wife, children, constituents, and media. He said that he told the truth to his wife this morning and the staff this afternoon. 

Weiner repeatedly said that he is embarrassed and he is sorry.

I'm deeply regretting what I've done, and I'm not resigning, Weiner said. He will be working diligently as always, and try to convince his constituents that this was a personal failure which would not alter his record.