Spectators and elected officials alike called it a 'shonda' that Representative Anthony Weiner would skip out on the Israel Day parade due to a lewd photo scandal that continues to plague him.

New Jersey Governor Frank Lautenberg said while absent Weiner's support for Israel shouldn't be questioned.

He cares about Israel and is very active in the Jewish community and he ought to be here, he told reporters.

Former City Comptroller Bill Thompson, a political rival for the likely Democratic mayoral contender said Weiner's defense of the incident is a distraction at best.

It has become a huge distraction. It has become a circus. Every answer raises another question.

Weiner, who since bowing out in 2008 has eyed the mayoralty, contends he didn't send a sexually suggestive photo of his groin in boxers to a 21-year old Seattle college co-ed from his yFrog account last Friday.

The congressman, married to Hillary Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin insists he did not send the photograph.