For anyone who watched disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner's tearful resignation and wondered if another politician could possibly be toppled by sending women lewd photos, there is New Jersey Democrat Louis N. Magazzu.

Magazzu, a Cumberland County freeholder, resigned under pressure from fellow lawmakers after a website posted photos of Magazzu in various states of undress that he took and then sent to a Chicago woman he had been corresponding with for several years. Magazzu vowed to take action against the site, which posted the photos after the woman sent them to site administrator Carl B. Johnson.

"I did not know that she was working with an avowed political enemy to distribute these pictures," Magazzu said of the woman, who he said he has never met. "I have retained counsel to determine what laws may have been broken by the unauthorized distribution of those pictures."

Johnson defended his actions, saying he had not acting out of personal beliefs but was seeking to act as a watchdog.

"The website isn't about posting shots of Lou naked or anything," Johnson told the Daily Journal. "It is about exposing the underbelly of local politics. He was the figurehead, the person who ran the party and the freeholder board for a decade."

Magazzu's case bears a similar pattern to those of former Congressmen Anthony Weiner and Christopher Lee, both of New York, who  took photos of themselves in the mirror and later stepped down after those photos, which they had sent to women, surfaced.