Logan (Ben Barnes) from “Westworld” is the jerk everyone loves to hate, and he upped his game in episode 5, titled “Contrapasso,” by insulting his colleague and brother-in-law William (Jimmi Simpson).

“You’re not a threat to anyone, that’s why I picked you. And why my sister picked you,” Logan told William.

His words really struck a nerve because William turned violent and almost hit Logan. However, his self-control got the better of him and he put Logan down.

Simpson told Variety that Logan is such a jerk because he grew up as a spoiled rich kid and is used to getting what he wants. “It’s about that degree of entitlement being turned up. We all know someone who has always had everything they wanted, and some of those people are completely unable to see everyone else around them. All they’re able to do is indulge themselves,” he explained. “When Logan steps into the park he takes it to another level. He doesn’t even feel the need to be polite, because it’s not the real world.”

As for William, he’s different because he had to work hard for everything he has in life. Simpson said the general clientele of Westworld is wealthy and privileged and are used to getting what they want - everything which William is not.

“William is brought in by his family member, his coworker, as a bit of a vetting process. So William is not there with any intention. He’s just there to cover himself and make sure he doesn’t do anything too sh–ty. So he’s got his eyes open and is just watching what happens,” he said.

Meanwhile, Simpson’s co-star, Evan Rachel Wood, told the Huffington Post that the finale will really take fans on an emotional whirlwind, and the episodes leading up to that will leave “your heart broken and your mind blown.”

As for show co-creator Jonathan Nolan, he told Entertainment Weekly that the show really has a lot of surprises in store, so fans who have strong opinions about the plot and characters need to loosen up. “I think you want to assume as little as possible when watching this show,” he said.