Twitter has announced it’s opening up its storytelling feature called Moments so that anyone can create their own stories using tweets and photos uploaded to the service.

We saw this moment coming back in August when Twitter had originally expanded access to Moments to various influencers and brands. Some of Moments creators are DeRay McKesson, VaynerMedia an ad agency and brands like Nike and Budweiser. Twitter promised it would make Moments available to everyone in the coming months.

To create a new “Moment,” all you need to do is click on the “Moments” tab on your Twitter profile. You will then be able to set a “Cover” using photos or videos from your favorite tweet, or an image of your choice.

You can add your favorite tweets by Twitter search, or you can add them by using the tweet’s link. When you’re done, you can share your Moment with your followers by tweeting. Keep in mind, your followers will be able to browse through your Moments on Twitter, or embed it to anywhere else on the web.

Moments was previously code-named Project Lightning when it first launched last year. Twitter’s Moments was a new way for people to use Twitter, especially when the company was having issues kickstarting its growth. Twitter’s Moments feature is set to become the “super tweet.”

To help you get started, Twitter has released an easy to follow how-to-guide - as a Moment.

Twitter’s “Moment" feature is currently only available on the web but will soon be available on Twitter’s mobile applications for iOS and Android.