The Harry Potter countdown is just winding down for us viewers, but the cast of HP7 have closed the door on their Harry Potter days when filming wrapped over one year ago.

It was one decade ago when we welcomed the young stars-Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint-into our living rooms and began this journey that would last eight movies. Having grown up right before our eyes, the cast admits it will be hard to move on.

I keep thinking next year we'll be back, but we really won't. It really is the end, Grint said. I have felt a little bit lost without it, if I'm honest. It's not something you can forget about really. It's been my childhood and it's going to take a while for me to accept.


The 23 year old is not the only one to admit he will miss filming. In an interview with Larry King, Radcliffe opened up about his difficulty of moving on. The 21-year-old actor had only some experience on the big screen when he was casted as Harry. I've had such an amazing time on Potter. It's been such an extraordinary experience to work with, essentially, the same group of people for 10 years. You develop such close bonds with so many people, Radcliffe said. I cried, cried, cried, cried, cried - it was really emotional and overwhelming, Watson declared.

Radcliffe also admitted he was very emotional on the last day of shooting. Though it is definitely the end of an era for the Harry Potter cast and the fans, we can be sure to find more of the stars as they venture out into new projects.


Radcliffe is most known for his role as Harry, but he did not wait until the final installation to make aname for himself through other roles.

In 2007, Radcliffe starred in the London and New York productions of Equus on the big stage. The play was a received with great interest and later earned positive reviews on Radcliffe's performance. He appeared in several feature films and television shows while off the Harry Potter set as well. Currently, he is staring the Broadway production of How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, alongside Rose Hemmingway and Mary Faber.

The actors received rave reviews and the production was even nominated for nine Tony awards. Radcliffe has two films in the works and one of them was recently confirmed to be a comedy. Both films are set to release in 2012.


The lovely Emma Watson had even less experience as she took on the role of Hermione Granger. She had only performed in school plays. Aside from her Harry Potter work, she starred in the BBC1 production of Ballet Shoes and was also featured in the animated film Tales of Despereaux alongside Matthew Broderick in 2008.

Watson was attending Brown University but is rumored to be taking a leave to begin at Worcester College at Oxford. The 21-year-old's elegant beauty has led her to several modeling contracts. She has recently worked with Burberry and has become the new face of Lancôme International. This summer she will begin filming for her new role in The Perks of Being Wallflower.  


Rupert Grint also had no previous acting experience on screen. He applied for the role of Ron Weasley by sending a video of himself rapping to BBC1's Newsround. Through the years with Harry Potter, Grint assumed several outside roles including an appearance on Driving Lessons with Julie Walters in 2006. Currently, he is working on a small Norwegian war film in which he takes on the lead role.

The young cast and fans will likely shed a nostalgic tear during the end credits of the film. But rest assured it will not be the last we see of our favorite wizard trio!