Tony and Golden Globe award-winning actress Ellen Barkin has immersed herself in a curious new role as a drunken, foul-mouthed Twitter newcomer who loves all of her new true friends.

Barkin -- or someone posing as her -- opened a Twitter account Thursday, and has since been entertaining a growing list of followers (currently at 7,446) with profanity-laced tweets marveling at the newfangled social media. One tweet said this Twitter sh-t is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

@EllenBarkin appears to have spent most of Thursday night posting a flurry of tweets, drumming up new followers and desperately trying to get her Twitter account verified.

After several hours of waiting for a verification check mark from Twitter -- during which time one follower threatened to go on a hunger strike -- Barkin appeared to have solved the problem.

F--k you twitter bird without a f-ckin' face. I just verified my own f--kin' self, Barkin tweeted, adding a link to an authentic-looking photo of herself holding up an iPad with her Twitter account on display.

Generating followers -- or friends -- was an equally pressing concern.

Noticing I'm not making many new friends this hour, she tweeted at one point. WHAT THE F--K?! Tweet me, i'll tweet you back. i'm drunk.

Before retiring for the night, Barkin posted a grateful tweet: With the exception of everything concerning my 2 children...this has literally been one of the best nites of my life. Thank u.

On Friday, Barkin's tweets took a more serious turn, expressing dismay at the treatment of Occupy Wall Street protestors by New York City police.

The NYPD has had my back since my stoop days in the Bronx but I am begging you, can you please explain what the F--K you guys are doing? she tweeted.

@EllenBarkin seems to be aware that some might find her language a bit over the top, and tweeted a disclaimer on Thursday:

2 all my new friends i would like 2 apologize 4 any current & future obsessive use of profanities. inhabited by the spirit of richard pryor.

Barkin can soon be seen (and heard cursing) in writer/director Sam Levinson's much-anticipated Another Happy Day, which opens in New York and Los Angeles on Nov. 18. The all-star ensemble cast includes Demi Moore, Ellen Burstyn, and Thomas Haden Church.

Watch the trailer here: