If you don't know what Owling is by now, get with the program. The new trend, executed by simply posing like an owl in obscure places and snapping a photo, has replaced the recently outdated trend of Planking. If you've never heard of Planking, rather being photographed lying stiff and face down, then you obviously need to spend more time on Facebook and Twitter instead of being productive in your daily life.

Around the world, countless social media users have been participating in the latest ridiculous photo fad, showing off their tact for displaying trends. It has become almost a contest to see who can find the oddest place to 'Plank' or 'Owl' in.

As a recent surplus of bizarre, and somewhat entertaining, social networking trends like 'Owling' and 'Planking' arise, virally spreading around the Internet, we have to stop to wonder, What's next?

Here's a list of recommendations for the world's next pointless fad.

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