Twitter celebrates Louis Tomlinson Tuesday every week, but just what is the deal with the holiday dedicated to Louis Tomlinson?

Though Louis Tomlinson may not be the most widely-recognized Tomlinson out there--New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson has that distinction wrapped up--he is likely the most beloved.

The scruffy-haired teen idol star of British-Irish boy band One Direction has built such a rabid following that Tuesday has turned into Tomlinson Tuesday on Twitter, where young users Tweet out the words Happy Tomlinson Tuesday incessantly every Tuesday.

There is no official word on why Happy Tomlinson Tuesday has become such a popular meme, but it seems to be only growing in popularity.

Happy Tomlinson Tuesday was a trending topic on Twitter for much of Tuesday, Jan. 24, with users like @AstonsArmy, who Tweeted the following on Tuesday: STOP THE TRAFFIC. LET EM THROUGH. In honour of tomlinson tuesday. oh how i love that boy.

The Tomlinson Tuesday Flickr account has also grown to prominence, and provides a lengthy string of images, comments and other postings each Tomlinson Tuesday. And his Facebook page, which has more than 100,000 followers, is another source of Tomlinson information, which multiplies with alarming speed.

Tomlinson's meteoric rise from anonymity to super-stardom started in 2010, when he and four other young men applied to be solo contestants on the TV show The X Factor. None of the five made it into the contest as individuals, but a judge recommended that the five of them combine into one entry into the group category, and the band eventually came in third in the overall competition.

And since then the band has become a powerhouse, almost immediately signing a $2-million-pound English record contract, catapulting their showing on The X Factor into real cash and success.

One Direction's debut album Up All Night was the 16th-highest-selling album on the UK albums chart in 2011, selling 468,000 copies. The band will tour the U.S. with Big Time Rush this February and March, and signed a record deal recently with Columbia in the U.S.