When Steve Urkel exclaimed “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” on the television show “Family Matters,” it was usually because of his effortless clumsiness or misguided attempts at wooing his heart’s desire, Laura Winslow.

But the latest photographic trend on Twitter reduces the comedic -- and, yes, scripted -- greatness in Steve’s falls to carefully staged, pointless “tumbles.” Known as Twipping, the craze involves people snapping photos of themselves as they fall down or up stairs on purpose. Numerous users on the microblogging site have taken to their pages to show off their perfectly posed blunders, adding an extra kick of relevance to the trend as it slowly gains momentum:


Now, some of the shared photos do appear to show instances where people actually captured the unexpected falls of their friends -- I mean, that’s what besties are for, right? But regardless of whether the posted falls are real or not, sharing such a silly moment seems a tad excessive. Still, if you find yourself itching to claim the crown as Twipper Extraordinaire, you might want at least don elbow pads and a helmet -- you know, just as a placeholder until you receive your crown.

Check out more Twipping madness below: