HBO’s hugely successful fantasy series “Game of Thrones” came to a close on June 26. The show is not expected to return for nearly a year, leaving fans — or Thronies, as they’ve come to be called — wondering how they’ll fill the void.

Sundays are generally considered a good night for television, with several shows airing new episodes to kick start the week of their fans. Due to the Fourth of July holiday, many series’ won’t be new on Sunday. Still, there is no shortage of things for “Game of Thrones” fans to tune in to.

Below is a full list of shows airing on Sunday, as well as when to watch:

“Game of Thrones” - HBO

8 p.m. EDT

If you really can’t stand the thought of a Sunday without Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and the gang, tune in to HBO on Sunday to re-watch the Season 6 finale, “Winds of Winter.”

“Big Brother” - CBS

8 p.m. EDT

Looking for your fill of strategy, backstabbing and hookups? A new episode of “Big Brother” premieres on Sunday. Tune in to find out who’s aligning this week and who will be getting the boot.

“Intervention: Then & Now” - A&E

8 p.m. and 9 p.m. EDT

While we have our doubts that it will compare to the drama going on within House Lannister, there is sure to be plenty of squabbles between family, friends and lovers as former stars of “Intervention” reappear on the show to update fans on their progress. A&E will be airing episodes at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m — tune in to find out who found success in sobriety and who failed to pass the test.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” - FX

8 p.m. EDT

Spiderman is not quite the hero Jon Snow is, but this film will surely provide viewers with some of the action and adventure they’re looking for in the wake of “Game of Thrones” ending for the season.

“Forest Gump” - Freeform

8 p.m. EDT

Let’s be honest — who doesn't love “Forest Gump”?

“Step Brothers” - TBS

8 p.m. EDT

What better way to forget about “Game of Thrones” than to laugh until you cry?

“My Giant Life” - TLC

8 p.m. EDT

This show certainly isn’t about Wun Wun (Ian Whyte) — may he rest in peace — but it is intriguing none the less. “My Giant Life” is all new Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT. Don’t miss out.

“Preacher” - AMC

9 p.m. EDT

Outlaws, magical powers, family loyalty — what more could you ask for in a show?

“The Killing Games” - Discovery

9 p.m. EDT

Shark Week 2016 comes to a close on Sunday, but not before Discovery airs one final shocking show geared towards shark fanatics. “The Killing Games” focuses on two scientists quest to learn how great white sharks hunt in a specific area off southern Australia.

“Ray Donovan” - Showtime

9 p.m. EDT

Money, murder and high-profile members of society. This show is essentially “Game of Thrones” without the swords, dragons and royal families. Tune in to a new episode of “Ray Donovan” on Sunday.

“American Ninja Warrior” -  NBC

10 p.m EDT

Craving the same level of intensity as HBO packs into a “Game of Thrones” fight scene? Tune in to a new episode of “American Ninja Warrior.”

“Ride With Norman Reedus” - AMC

10 p.m. EDT

Trade traveling Westeros for traveling the United States with Norman Reedus.

“Naked and Afraid” - Discovery

10 p.m. EDT

After Shark Week comes to a close, Discovery returns to it’s regularly scheduled programming. Tune in to a new episode of “Naked and Afraid” to watch contestants try to brave the wilderness in the buff — will they survive?

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” - VH1

If you’re looking for a show with lovers quarrels, family feuds, fallout between friends and fighting, you’re in luck. VH1 is airing a marathon of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” starting at 12 a.m. EDT on Sunday and continuing throughout the day. No new episode will be shown.

“Bar Rescue” - Spike

The leaders of the Seven Kingdoms could learn a thing or two from Jon Taffer — we all could! Tune in to Spike any time on Sunday to catch a marathon of “Bar Rescue” episodes.

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” - E!

If you missed out on Season 12 of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” because of your “Game of Thrones” obsession, you’re in luck. From 11 a.m. EDT to 11 p.m. EDT E! will be airing old episodes, with a brand new one kicking off at 9 p.m. EDT.