Dark Knight fans rejoice! The final trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises will be shown ahead of Marvel's The Avengers when it is released in theaters in the U.S. on May 4, confirmed The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter received word from a Warner Bros. rep that the last trailer for the third and final Nolan installment will play before The Avengers in theaters nationwide on May 4. The Dark Knight trailer is scheduled to play on both 2D and 3D screens as well as 2D and 3D IMAX screens, according to THR.

Word of the third trailer initially spread via NolanFans.com, which reported the placement for the trailer listed on a Warner Bros. exhibitor site.

Many websites noted that this is not the first time Warner Bros. has teamed up with a Marvel release to promote a film. A trailer for Nolan's Inception was attached to the previews of Iron Man 2 in 2010 and the final trailed for The Dark Knight was shown before the first Iron Man in 2008, reported THR.

Some were still surprised by the pairing.

Marvel and DC Comics hanging out together? That's like ... well, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria! wrote Huffington Post writer Christopher Rosen.

Along with news of the final Dark Knight trailer release, the official running time for The Dark Knight Rises has also been revealed. The Australian movie website, Event Cinemas, reports the running time as two hours and 40 minutes, which is eight minutes longer than 2008's The Dark Knight.

The third and final installment of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy will hit box offices on July 20, 2012. However, with recent leaks and rumors, the whole world is already giddy with excitement. The second trailer came out in December. The six-minute prologue, which also came out in December, remains quite elusive. Click here to view one of the remaining clips.

The Dark Knight Rises completed filming in November after an intense six-month shoot around the world from India to Scotland to Cartington, England and the U.S. The final installment is certainly prepped to rock the movie industry. So far, the Dark Knight movies have grossed $1.4 billion worldwide, reports The L.A. Times.  Fans are eagerly anticipating the final journey with the legendary Bruce Wayne. 

It's terrific, to have people that interested in something. It reminds you that it is a real honor to work on something that means so much to people, Nolan told The L.A. Times. I'd love to be able to claim that I invented the whole thing and that's why they're interested. I did not. I've been given a very precious thing to do my best with, to look after and not to let people down. There's a certain amount of fear that comes with it and intimidation but it's also a great privilege. [As for the fans], they want it to be great, they want to go enjoy it and they're fascinated by it. You know, there's always controversy regarding things that people will disagree with but hopefully they appreciate the effort of trying to make something good.