Aretha Franklin tripped over her Jimmy Choo spiked heel last week, landing her in an Indianapolis hospital for x-rays that revealed a fractured toe.

According to a People magazine report, the Queen of Soul was in her Dallas hotel suite when she stumbled over one of her heels, which had gotten caught on her left index toe.

Franklin has been traveling to promote her album A Woman Falling Out of Love. The singer did not immediately seek treatment for her injury, explaning through her rep that it hurt like heck for a minute, but seemed to subside. It was a few days after the incident that the tour bus stopped at Community North Hospital to get Franklin's toe checked out.

I'm so grateful that it wasn't my right [pedal] foot, she said, jokingly complaining: How am I supposed to match my new Marc Jacobs gown with this wooden blue hospital shoe?

The singer, who is scheduled to perform in Virginia this evening [June 21], recently lost 85 lbs, which has required a new wardrobe. (She credits eliminating pig feet and food smothered in hot sauce for helping with the dramatic weight loss.)

Franklin was much more forthcoming about her minor foot injury than she has been about what was apparently a much more serious health scare. Athough she now claims she is healthy and that her life is not in danger, the sugery she had in late 2010 was not minor. The singer has not revealed the nature of the condition that was addressed by the surgery, but denied widespread rumors that it was pancreatic cancer.