The No. 1 team in the country been upset seven times in 2012-2013 in what has been one of the most memorable men's college basketball seasons in recent memory.

And that’s the kind of unpredictable parity fans have come to expect as the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, better known as "March Madness," looms in the coming weeks.

Breaking down each No. 1 upset: four times for Indiana, twice for Duke, and once for Louisville.

While the conference tournaments could further decide where teams land in terms of seeding, we know when the Field of 68 will begin their long journey to the Final Four at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Despite those upsets, Indiana and Duke are still considered Final Four favorites, along with schools like Michigan, and senior-loaded upstart Miami.

Below is the official schedule from Selection Sunday to the championship game. The games will be broadcast by CBS, TBS, TNT , and truTV.

Selection Sunday, March 17

First Round, March 19-20

Second Round, March 21-22

Third Round, March 23-24

Sweet 16, March 28-29

Elite 8, March 30-31

Final Four, April 6

National Championship Game, April 8