Samsung is now sending out invites for its upcoming Unpacked event, which is in fact on March 1 in Barcelona. IBTimes recieved its invite following the publishing of this story.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be a completely different from any previous smartphone in the Galaxy S line. Perhaps the the new teaser design is coincides with the new device.

Original story

Samsung Electronics Inc. may be planning to release its next Galaxy smartphone, the S6, on March 1 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, if a leaked invite is to be believed. Vietnamese tech blog Tinhte got its hands on a pretty legit-looking invite, which teases a Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event for March 1 in Barcelona, where WMC will take place from March 2 to 5.

“What’s next?” the teaser reads, underneath the shadow of a device with a unique curve. Many publications have taken the invite as confirmation of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 event, crediting Tinhte as a reliable source; but a Samsung representative has said the smartphone maker has not released an invitation for its unpacked event, but will do so “soon.”

Several other manufacturers are expected to announce 2015 flagships devices in Barcelona, including the HTC One (M9) on March 1. A previous report suggested the Galaxy S6 might launch on March 2.

While a leak before the official announcement is possible, there are discrepancies in this invitation that give close Samsung observers pause (Samsung declined to comment on the invite). Here's how this invite (if legit) departs from those for previous launches.

The Invite Does Not Indicate An 'Episode'

samsung-unpacked-2014-episode-1-invitation Samsung Galaxy S5 invitation says "Episode 1" Photo: Samsung Tomorrow

For several years, Samsung has differentiated between launch events for its Galaxy S line and its Galaxy Note line by calling each event Samsung Unpacked: Episode 1 and Samsung Unpacked: Episode 2, and so on. But this teaser does not say “Episode 1” as teasers for the Galaxy S5 did in 2014 and teasers for the Galaxy S4 did in 2013.

The Unpacked Box Logo Is All Wrong

Invitation-of-Samsung-Unpacked-2013-Episode-2-329x424 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 press invite with proper box logo. Photo: Samsung Tomorrow

The teaser shows the box logo, which is a staple on Samsung press invites; however, the box is empty and placed next to the words “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015.” Usually, the logo has the words “Un-packed” inside the box. Though the exact design of the logo might look different according to the event, Samsung has yet to modify these specific details about the box. Samsung has been using this logo since as early as 2010.

The Teaser Does Not Include A Link To Samsung’s YouTube Page

Invitation-of-Samsung-Unpacked-2014-Episode-1-636x424 Samsung Galaxy S5 invite includes YouTube link. Photo: Samsung Tomorrow

Samsung usually includes its YouTube link on invites and teasers, to direct fans and pundits to the launch event live stream. Or the manufacturer will include a link to its Samsung Tomorrow blog, which has a video embed of the live stream.

The Teaser Does Not Indicate A Time For The Event

Samsung-Unpacked-2014-Invitation2 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 invitation includes time of event, albeit small. Photo: Samsung Tomorrow

The teaser image indicates a date for the event, but not a time. Samsung usually includes the time on its invites.

Name Of The Event Is Incorrect

Samsung calls its launch event “Samsung Unpacked,” while this teaser says “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked.”

However, if the invite is legitimate, Samsung has given a glaring clue that it may release a curved-display device during its upcoming announcement. Some rumors have suggested that the manufacturer may release a curved-display Galaxy S6 Edge in addition to a flat-display Galaxy S6, while others have suggested that the Galaxy S6 itself might feature a curved display. Recent leaks of supposed Galaxy S6 protective cases suggest the device could be slimmer and taller than the previous Galaxy S5, but do not give any clues about a curved display.

The Galaxy S6, nicknamed Project Zero, is expected to be like no other Samsung flagship released thus far. Among its rumored specifications are a Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display, a 64-bit processor, increased storage capacity, a powerful camera and a single chip to house all its sensors. Its design may include two curved edges, a metal frame, a glass back panel and a nonremovable battery.