There are only a few more days left before “Gotham” Season 3 hits Fox, but before then, avid fans who want to catch up on what they missed last season can tune in to Netflix as the show’s second season will be made available on Sept. 19.

The Netflix “Gotham” Season 2 premiere will coincide with Fox’s Season 3 premiere, according to Netflix Life.

For the show’s second season, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has his hands full with new villains, particularly one who just so happens to be his former lover, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards).

A new threat in the form of Theo Galavan (James Frain) has come to hound Gotham City and enact revenge on the prominent Wayne family. Before he does so, he is going to run for mayor and release a new set of villains.

Gordon's relationships and friendships will be put to the test as he is framed for a crime he did not commit, and the idealistic cop will be forced to make sacrifices that might put at risk the wellbeing of his girlfriend, Dr. Leslie “Lee” Thompkins (Morena Baccarin).

Meanwhile, the show’s third season has been tagged “Mad City: Better To Reign in Hell…” Its synopsis, which was shared by Screen Rant, reveals the dismal state Gotham City is in: “Gordon works in a monster-ridden Gotham as a bounty hunter and seeks to find answers about the Indian Hill escapees and why their powers appear to be killing them. Meanwhile, Bruce’s doppelganger roams the streets and Barbara and Tabitha open a new nightclub called The Sirens in the all-new ‘Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell…’”

Executive producer John Stephens told The Hollywood Reporter that villains running amok will motivate Jim to return to his job and preserve peace and order in the city.