“Grey’s Anatomy” fans hoping to catch up with the doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital on Thursday after chowing down on turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and other Thanksgiving staples are in for serious disappointment.

The ABC show’s midseason winter finale — titled “You Haven’t Done Nothin’” — left viewers with many unanswered questions last week. “Grey’s Anatomy” viewers will have to wait until Jan. 26, 2017 to learn whether Alex (Justin Chambers) is going to be punished for nearly killing a co-worker, Jo (Camilla Luddington) is skipping town and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is ending her marriage to Owen (Kevin McKidd). While we know Season 13, episode 10 will air at 8 p.m. EST on ABC, it is unclear what will take place.

When the show wrapped, Alex had finally been faced with the reality of what he did. Fearing that he may be sent to jail he took one final moment to apologize to Jo, not only for assaulting DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), but for the things he called her. Alex reminded his former girlfriend that she is “not trash,” pleading with her not to let anyone treat her badly again. Jo interrupted, finally coming clean to Alex about her secret marriage and her real name. She told him that with her testimony needed in his case she may flee Seattle, which prompted him to come close to making a terrible decision.

The pediatric surgeon revealed to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), his closest friend and confidant, that he was planning to turn himself in and accept a plea deal. In doing so, he would face two years in jail. Alex hoped that pleading guilty would allow Jo to continue her life in Seattle. Meredith warned him against doing so, but it was not clear as episode 9 came to a close whether she had gotten through to him. Alex was last seen sitting in a state building before a woman believed to be the district attorney. He did not say anything to her before the credits rolled, shrouding his fate in mystery until the show’s return.

While the drama between Alex and DeLuca played a major role in episode 9 of “Grey’s Anatomy” — as well as the episodes the proceeded the winter finale — there was another major moment worth talking about. When the installment ended, Amelia was seen writing a note believed to be for her husband. In it, she plead with him not to blame himself before walking out of the house. This comes after the pair butted heads about having children and when they might begin trying in episode 7.

During the finale Owen came clean to Riggs (Nathan Henderson) about having been unfaithful to his first wife, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). He then chronicled the demise of their marriage, seemingly paralleling it to the struggles he and Amelia were having at the time. Could this mean that the pair are through? Only time will tell.