Tech nerds, PC gamers and anti-Apple computer geeks should be excited come the end of the month. Microsoft announced plans to release more information on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system at a promotional event on Feb. 29. The occasion, set to take place in Barcelona, Spain at 3 p.m., will include news about the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, according to PC Mag.

There were speculations that the Windows 8 beta would be released at the end of last month's Consumer Electronics Show, but instead Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dished out more details on the Windows next generation.

The new software will stress the growing importance of tablets, smartphones, and mobile applications, reported Fox News. The revamped user interface will be compatible with mobile gadgets in addition to PC desktops and laptops, with applications displayed as tiles for convenient access.

And the next version of Windows will be taking green concerns into consideration, according to energy management news source Environmental Leader. When applications are not in use, they are programmed to only perform essential functions, resulting in extended battery life. Also, if an app is open but isn't on screen and the screen is off, the device's battery life will not be affected.

However, not everyone is pleased with the way Microsoft has been handling the launch of the new OS. reported that Arvin Danielson, chief technology officer of hardware vendor Intermec, has criticized the company on its moves so far.

I don't think Microsoft has handled the Windows 8 release very well, Danielson said to the UK-based technology news source. We have told them that they are hurting themselves by not moving faster and being aggressive with Windows 8 and the tablet space.

Danielson continued to say that the software company has left the public unaware of when Windows 8 will actually be released.

This has left this huge gap between the announcement and the release, which may mean enterprises turn to Android, he added.

Although there are sure to be many changes and new features users will have to adjust to, one major aesthetic difference is the elimination of the Start button, as PC Mag reported a leaked version of the update revealed.