For many "Destiny" players, Xur was in a great mood last week. The Merchant of the Nine was packing the impressive Telesto fusion rifle that was well worth the Strange Coins. This weekend promises more Xur items up for sale, but gamers will have to act quickly because the shadowy merchant will not be around for long. Xur's shop is open for business from Friday at 5 a.m. EST until Sunday at 5 a.m. EST. Will Christmas come early in "Destiny?"

The Xur shop is back in its usual place in the Tower. Last weekend, the merchant sold his wares at the Reef. Once again, the holiday spirit seems to have affected what's on sale. There's the standard assortment of gauntlets and helms, but Xur is once again offering a weapon. The Monte Carlo auto rifle is a powerful gun that is equipped with the "Monte Carlo Method" that reduces melee cooldown with a chance to fully charge your character's melee ability with each kill. It looks like those hard-earned Strange Coins will be burning a hole in many a pocket this weekend.

Xur Items For Sale

  • Helmet: Helm of Inmost Light (Titan)
  • Leg Armor: Radiant Dance Machines (Hunter)
  • Gauntlets: Nothing Manacles (Gauntlets)
  • Weapon: Monte Carlo
  • Legacy Special Weapon Engram
  • Three of Coins
  • Glass Needle

This week was a busy one for "Destiny: The Taken King." The Sparrow Racing League started Tuesday for PlayStation 4 users. The new mode introduced during the PlayStation Experience 2015 gives players the chance to compete to earn new gear.

Will you buying up Xur's wares this week? If you're feeling disappointed, there's always next week.