While Oracle and HP's altercation over CEOs continued, nearly 400 of their clients switched to IBM servers and storage systems.

IBM stated that the migration from its competitors was a record since it rolled out its migration program called Migration Factory in 2006 to facilitate movement of workload handled by non-IBM gear to IBM.

IBM also specified that 286 clients moved to IBM Power Systems in the third quarter which included 172 clients form Oracle and 95 from HP. It also stated that more than 1,500 clients from Oracle and 1,000 clients from HP have migrated into its fold since 2006.

This year alone Oracle and HP have lost 532 and 481 clients respectively. Overall more than 4,500 clients have moved from various clients to IBM since 2006.

Also some 100 clients from Oracle and HP have opted for IBM's storage systems.

IT Business Edge had quoted Lauren States, Vice President, Cloud Computing, IBM Software Group, as stating that IBM Migration Factory currently is not a product but an amalgamation of best practices that uses IBM software for migration. States also said that as IBM moves up the learning curve in handling migrations it will use its amassed knowledge in migrating workloads, to create a commercial product to handle application workloads.

However, the report does not bode well for Oracle and HP who have been building their hardware stack. Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and HP acquired storage company 3PAR recently. The ambiguity around Sun hardware since Oracle's takeover and HP's troubles over its management, have all favored IBM.