Though the details of Whitney Houston's death are scarce, one thing seems certain; Hollywood will likely capitalize on the singer's demise. The prospect of a Whitney biopic being developed is highly likely and Metro News has attempted to uncover potential casting choices. They consulted film critic Grae Drake who concluded that Jennifer Hudson is a shoe-in for the coveted starring role. After all, she did bring the house down at the Grammy's with a startling rendition of I Will Always Love You.

Her performance brought the audience to tears and it became clear that Hudson is set to take the diva's place. The newly svelte star won an Oscar for her unforgettable turn as Effie in Dreamgirls so there's no question she'll be able to take on another iconic woman. According to Drake:

Hudson is who everyone is bringing up for this.

As for the role of Bobby Brown, Drake believes that Don Cheadle may bring some empathetic qualities to the troubled star, who was married to the diva from 1992-2006.

Watch Hudson's Tear Inducing Tribute to Houston Here: