It's only been two weeks since multi-platinum, Grammy-winning recording artist Whitney Houston passed away, but already talks are cycling about a biography penned by former lover Bobby Brown; what's more, rumors are swirling around the possibility of Rihanna playing Houston in a biopic that will be put together by Houston's longtime mentor Clive Davis.

According to numerous reports, Bobby Brown has been sitting on a tell-all memoir of his relationship with the late singer for years, but is seeking finally to have the thing published. The Huffington Post reports that, though Brown's really trying to push the book--one that had little publication clout when he started optioning it four years ago--he's been met with mostly disdain and disrespect. Though mostly what is standing in his way is the confidentiality agreement he signed when the pair divorced in 2007, reports MSNBC. Brown published a book in 2008 called Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But. However, it seems he wants to take the confessional even farther, though family friends are speculating over how damaging that could be to those who remain.

For the biopic, speculation is basically running wild. While Rihanna's reportedly on the top over at the Daily Mail, other favorites include Jennifer Hudson, Vivica Fox, and Jordin Sparks. Whitney's old friend and mentor Clive Davis is reportedly scrambling for a script in order to get production moving as soon as possible. The hush-hush is that Rihanna is A-number-one at the top of the list. But she also reportedly turned down an offer to remake Houston's Hollywood smash classic The Bodyguard last year, so who knows who will fill Whitney's intimidating shoes. Producers across the board are vying for her, but critics mostly think she's far too inexperienced as an actress.

Who should play Whitney in the inevitable film? Should Bobby Brown publish another book?