width=398Bobbi Kristina, the only daughter of the late pop singer Whitney Houston and her ex-husband Bobby Brown, has been the subject of much speculation since the death of her mother. From her own substance abuse issues to her relationship with her brother Nick Gordon, she is the last thread in the Whitney Houston saga. Recently, Oprah's scored an interview with her on her new cable network, OWN.

The interview, which will air March 11 on OWN's Oprah's Next Chapter show, will include a sit-down with Patricia Houston and Whitney's brother Gary Houston. OWN released a statement saying that during the interview, Bobbi Kristina will share personal memories of her mom and how she would like the iconic superstar to be remembered.

More tantalizingly, though, the network said that the family also addresses the rumours and speculation surrounding Houston's death.

One of the most talked-about aspects of Whitney's death has been the photos that leaked of her corpse. The first was of course the photo of her on the gurney, but the most controversial has been the photo of Whitney in her funeral casket, clearly showing her face and purple dress, that was leaked to the National Enquirer.

Bobbi Kristina is furious about the leak, reports Contact Music, which makes you wonder – could she spill the beans on the identity of the leaker in her interview with Oprah? If she's really that angry, an accusation like that in a high-profile interview could be the perfect way to get even.

Carolyn Whigham, owner of the funeral home where Houston was laid to rest, has spoken out about the leak, denying claims that her staff was behind the leak, and saying in a statement that it's very obvious that the Houston family has ceased the investigation, as they've already stumbled upon the culprint.

So who could it be? The National Enquirer surely paid in the six digits for the photo, and as IBTimes reported last week, speculation has centered on Bobby Brown's sister, Tina. She was behind a 2006 leak of a photo of Whitney's bathroom, covered in filth and crack cocaine paraphernalia, and has an exclusive interview in the March 12 issue of the National Enquirer, which features the Whitney Houston casket photo on the cover.

So, will Bobbi Kris spill the beans? We'll have to wait until the interview airs on March 11 to find out.