Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has nominated a new U.S. ambassador to replace the current one, who has been in the job for only seven months. The unusual move comes after criticism over Ambassador Miguel Basañez Ebergenyi's lackluster response to Republican candidate Donald Trump’s disparaging comments about Mexican undocumented migrants, whom Trump has called rapists and criminals.

“Carlos Manual Sada Solana has extensive experience in consular work and the protection of the rights of Mexicans in North America as well as in the defense of the interests of Mexico abroad,” said a statement Tuesday from the Mexican Foreign Relations Secretariat, referring to the nominee. 

Pending Mexican Senate approval, Sada would replace Basañez Ebergenyi, a former academic who last summer brushed aside Trump’s chances of becoming the Republican presidential candidate. Since then, Trump has doubled gains in polls and has won 20 state contests. He also miscalculated the bellicose billionaire’s remorseless stance on his remarks about the largest immigrant group in the United States, estimated at 11.4 million foreign-born as of 2012.

“He will most likely apologize to Mexicans and show that what he was doing was simply part of the campaign," said Basañez Ebergenyi in August just weeks after his nomination to replace Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza, who moved on to a position in the Mexican Supreme Court last month.

Trump never apologized for his disparaging remarks and continues to call for a Mexico-funded wall across the entire 2000-mile border between the two countries.

Sada, a former mayor of the southern Mexican city of Oaxaca, is currently the Mexico consul general in Los Angeles, one of the country’s most important foreign posts. Ha has also held an important position as Mexico’s liaison to Congress, as well and consul general posts in New York, Chicago, San Antonio and Toronto.