Twitter fans of Lohan Anthony mourned the death of Cianna, a fan of his who allegedly committed suicide after being bullied. Her death has not been confirmed, but Anthony, a YouTube personality whose real name is Anthony Quintal, wrote several lengthy posts about her apparent passing.

“The world lost a very important human yesterday ... I would give anything to be able to hug her and tell her everything's going to be okay,” he wrote to his 1.57 million Twitter followers Wednesday evening. “#RipCianna.. a beautiful soul who seeked nothing but to be happy and make others happy. my heart is so broken.”

Lohan, 15, continued to speak about bullying and suicide. “If something bad is going on PLEASE, and i am begging you when i say this, PLEASE reach out to someone. It's easier said than done but it'll help you more than you think. Suicide should never be an option. Even when there's no one, you still have yourself and that's enough,” he said. “I try to do the best i can reaching out to those who need it, and it hurts more than anything when i find out it's too late. i'm so sorry.”

He finished his post with “I love you. so much.”

The hashtag #RipCianna quickly became a top-trending Twitter topic, as hundreds of fans mourned her death. Most netizens shared their prayers, and some even promised to wear blue to show their support. Some of their comments are listed below:

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