Kris Humphries reportedly has a new girlfriend and her name is Fatmire Myla Sinanaj.

Sinanaj, a Kim Kardashian lookalike, has reportedly been seen at various basketball games in which Humphries has played in.

TMZ has reported that Kris provided Myla and her family with courtside seats at some of the games, even allowing her in the area leading up to the locker room.

Thirty-Mile Zone has also discovered that Sinanaj works at a prominent, 5-star hotel in New York, where the two apparently met.

As rumors of Humphries dating Sinanaj have been floating around in the last couple of days, Kris has claimed that the 25-year-old Fatmire Sinanaj (who goes by Myla) was just a neighbor whom he had never met before she walked out on the beach when he was being photographed, according to TMZ. 

Despite the claims, TMZ says that Humphries flew Sinanaj from New York City to Miami to spend the weekend with him.

Sinanaj seems to be fond of Twitter, as she has already taken to the social media site in an effort to bash a member of the Jenner clan.

In tweets obtained by TMZ, which date back to mid-January when she started dating Humphries, Sinanaj apparently tweeted a comment about Bruce Jenner saying that his face scares me -- it should be on the 'Why not to get plastic surgery poster.

Sinanaj even takes a stab at Kim Kardashian's new beau, Kanye West, and his infamous track Theraflu.

In the song, Kanye raps, And I admit I fell in love with Kim ... 'Round the same time she fell in love with him ... That's cool, babygirl, do your thing ... Lucky I ain't had Jay drop him from the team.

Myla suggested via Twitter that Kanye should be bigger than taking petty shots at sh*t that got nothing to do with him, And that she had lost respect for the rapper.

But when it comes to Kris's old flame, Kim, Myla did not have anything bad to say. She even went as far as to tweet pictures of Kardashian with a caption that read, Looks like JLO.

Kris Humphries and Fatmire Myla Sinanaj have yet to confirm nor deny their dating relationship.