English soccer player Gabriel Agbonlahor received death threats after accidentally injuring One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson during a charity match this weekend.

Agbonlahor, a 26-year-old striker for Aston Villa, was playing against Tomlinson in an exhibition soccer match held in honor of Stiliyan Petrov, a former Aston Villa player who retired after being diagnosed with leukemia, Deadspin reports. At one point during the match, Agbonlahor accidentally knocked Tomlinson, who crumbled to the ground, limped off the pitch and vomited on the sideline.

Tomlinson’s injury infuriated One Direction fans, who attacked Agbonlahor on Twitter with a slew of death threats and insults. “You’re such an motherf-----, wish you would get killed he vomited and this isn’t rugby you a------ [sic],” one Tomlinson fan wrote to Agbonlahor. “Whoever pushed Louis down I will find you and push you off the goddamn Empire State Building [sic],” a second One Direction fan wrote in capital letters. The Daily Dot collected several additional death threats, which can be viewed here.

Besides being one of the five members of One Direction, Tomlinson is a semi-pro soccer player who signed with Doncaster Rovers for charity last month, the Daily Mail notes. Doncaster Manager Martin O’Neill described Tomlinson’s condition to reporters. “Agbonlahor smashed into him and he picked himself up and he was ill at the dress room area,” O’Neill said. “He has rushed off now but I think he is fine—he doesn’t know where he is but I think he is fine.”

Agbonlahor checked on Tomlinson after their collision, and told reporters that he planned on apologizing to the One Direction star, the Daily Mail reports. “It was one of those things. I’ll apologize to Louis when we meet up with everybody after the game,” Agbonlahor said. “I know he enjoyed playing in the game and it’s fantastic that he took time out to be here, and the same with everyone else who played.”

Furthermore, the 26-year-old doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the Twitter death threats. Agbonlahor has yet to publicly address the comments and has never posted a tweet of his own. The Aston Villa striker has nearly 10,000 Twitter followers.

The video of Agbonlahor’s collision with Tomlinson, as well as the One Direction singer’s subsequent injury, can be viewed below.