Details have emerged on James Holmes, the suspect in a Colorado movie theater shooting that has left 12 dead and dozens injured during a packed showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Attention has shifted toward the 24-year old murderer, and here is a breakdown of what is known so far.

Appearance: What does he look like?

It has been revealed by the FBI that Holmes is a white male with a height of 6 feet and 3 inches tall. His birthdate is Dec. 13, 1987 according to The Huffington Post.

Whereabouts: Where did he live?

Public records indicate that the last address associated with Holmes was close to the theater where the shooting occurred. Three miles away near the intersection of 17th Avenue and Peoria Street in Aurora, the shooter is believed to have lived with two roommates. According to Time, police have ruled out any accomplices in the attack, and Holmes is reported to have lived at this address since May 2011. Before that he resided in San Diego and Riverside Calif. Close to the University of California's Riverside campus.  Authorities are currently investigating the apartment cautiously, as the suspect has said there are explosives inside. The FBI has approximately 100 agents at the scene, the Huffington Post also reported.

Criminal Record and Motive: No history with police

Time has also reported that Holmes has no previous history with police other than a minor traffic ticket. Federal Authorities have said that he was not on any watch list that could have identified him as a dangerous individual, and the incident is not believed to be associated with terrorism. There is no identified motive for the shooting at this time.

Education: Holmes was a medical student

Time has reported that an official from the University of California confirmed that Holmes attended the university, but could not release any specific details. The 24-year old enrolled in the University of Colorado's Medical School in Denver, but withdrew from the program last month according to the AP.

Family: Alleged mother of Holmes speaks out

A woman who has identified herself as the shooter's mother spoke to ABC News following the shooting. You have the right person, she said, speaking to the news source from her home in San Diego. I need to call the police...I need to fly out to Colorado.

His parents could not be reached for further comment Friday morning.

A mystery to his neighbors: 'No one knew him'

An apartment rental application submitted early last year indicates that Holmes has described himself as a quiet and easy-going student. The other tenants of the building, which was reserved for students only, described Holmes as a recluse, The Denver Post has reported.

However, a pharmacy student who lived in the same building told the newspaper that he had called police around 12:30 a.m. because there was a song blaring from Holmes' apartment. The student, only identified as Ben, said he could not make out the song but that it appeared to be playing on repeat.

He also said to The Denver Post that he kept to himself and would not greet people when they passed in the hall.

No one knew him, Ben said. No one.

Neighbors in a fourth floor apartment one building away with a bird's eye view of the Holmes' apartment said that the curtains are usually closed. They also said that they never see movement inside the apartment.

Yesenia Lujan, 24, who has lived in her apartment for several months, said to the Post that there are no lights on in the apartment, even at night.

The FBI is still on the scene investigating, which could take hours or days according to Reuters.