Following the fatal shooting of rapper Kid Cali on Aug. 20, a 19-year-old man has been arrested for the murder, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday. Justin Lishey, who went by the stage name Kid Cali, was shot during the “Millions of Models Mansion Pool Party” in Granada Hills, California.

Kenny Birdine was charged with murdering the rapper, causing extensive injuries to the man’s body and committing a gang-related crime. He was first taken into custody on the night of the shooting for suspicion of possessing a loaded firearm.

Lishy, 30, was shot in the backyard of the lavish home where two other partygoers were also injured. Lishy later died at a local hospital. The two other victims received treatment for their gunshot wounds. Authorities have said both men are in stable condition.

"We just heard gunshots, everybody instantly just ducked and everybody started running," Dorthea DeVilla, a witness, recalled.

The party held in the upscale neighborhood was widely advertised across social media. Attendees were required to pay a fee upon entry into the bash.

A detective on the case said that while he believes that the shooting was “gang motivated,” it is unclear whether Kid Cali was a deliberate target or caught in the crossfire. The rapper is not believed to have any gang affiliation, NBC Los Angeles reported Tuesday.

Lishy was signed to Jaccpot Records, a record label owned by NFL player Desean Jackson. Singer Chris Brown and rapper Snoop Dogg acknowledged his death on social media. Brown tweeted, "RIP Kid Cali." Snoop Dogg also tweeted, "Rest well young g."

Birdine was charged with first degree murder Tuesday by the Los Angeles Police Department. Bail was set at $3,065,000. This is not Birdine’s first crime. He was previously charged with two misdemeanors.