The American-born nanny found dead in her apartment in Vienna Tuesday night was identified by the U.S. Embassy in Vienna as Lauren Mann, 25, an au pair originally from Colorado, NBC News reported. Vienna Police said they found Mann only half-dressed in her apartment, and that she was discovered next to a considerable amount of blood.

While an autopsy report has yet to be completed as of midday Wednesday, police are treating the case as a homicide, Vienna Police spokesperson Thomas Keiblinger told NBC News. It is unclear if that designation will change, and not many more details were given on a possible cause of death.

Originally police described Mann only as “Lauren M.,” an American au pair studying in the Austrian capital, but the U.S. Embassy later identified her. "We extend our deepest condolences to her loved ones," the embassy said.

Police went to Mann’s apartment after her employer said she did not come to work Monday, and was worried, the Local reported. The employer said Mann was a reliable employee, thinking it was unusual for her not to show up for work.

Firemen had to break through her apartment door, where she was found face-down and half naked on a mattress on the floor. While there was blood, no external injuries were initially reported.



Police said the blood was found near her head and may indicate she had an internal injury. Police are looking into whether she was possibly poisoned. All the lightbulbs were burned out in Mann’s apartment as well, and had to be replaced so police could examine the scene.

Mann moved to Europe to study German in Vienna after attending the University of Colorado, where she studied piano and French, the Daily Mail reported. She was reported to be a self-described lover of art and music, as well as an avid reader.