Van Jones briefly was an environmental adviser to President Barack Obama and resigned in the wake of a controversy in September 2009. Recently, he has been linked to Occupy Wall Street protests and has gained a worldwide attention with his call for an October Offensive against the Tea Party.

But it seems Vice President Joe Biden has never heard of Jones, if we go by his remarks on a radio program.

When he was asked about the Occupy Wall Street protests on Florida's 970 WFLA on Tuesday, Biden referred to the former official as whoever he is. The host interrupted to say that Jones used to work in White House. Biden responded Oh is that - all right.

Records show that Jones and the vice president traveled together at least once, in addition to working in the same administration and the same building. Both of them were in Denver in May 2009. Both of them spoke while announcing an additional $4 billion funding for public housing.

Still, Biden doesn't know him.