Sad news for the millions of people who watched April the giraffe on the live stream set up by Animal Adventure Park in February: The zoo announced the cam would go dark Friday at 4:30 p.m. EDT.

They made the official announcement Thursday. “We will all be there to say goodbye. The future plans will be announced next week of when and how you can check on baby,” the park wrote. “All is well and baby continues to gain! A small floor scale has been implemented to get a read on baby without separating mom and handling calf.”

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The post garnered 157,000 reactions from its nearly 1.5 million followers. It also attracted 18,000 comments.

As they ended the live stream, they promoted other wildlife: a baby alligator! There is much more to Animal Adventure than giraffes! We work closely with regulatory agencies and assist when needed to provide support or placement for animals in need. Our collection consists of surrenders, rescues, and planned acquisitions,” they wrote Friday. “This baby American alligator was brought to us by the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation. It was confiscated after found as an illegal pet.”

But, it’s the giraffes that everyone loves. Good Morning American visited Animal Adventure Park Monday to meet April’s calf, who does not yet have a name. Currently, the front runner names are Apollo, Patches, Peter and Noah.

When the half was born, weighing 129 pounds and stood at 5-feet-9. “Mom and baby had a great day! Baby is strong and well, nursing like a champ,” the zoo wrote the day after the calf was born.

While the live stream normally had more than 100,000 viewers at a time, it boasted less than 60,000 Friday.

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