Hollywood is currently buzzing about who will take the helm of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's "Justice League" adaptation.

While there are a slew of directors that would jump at the guaranteed blockbuster, Ben Affleck is supposedly the front-runner for the position.

Having made his directorial name with critically acclaimed movies like "Gone Baby Gone," "The Town," and the upcoming "Argo," Affleck has talents on both sides of the camera that would attract the studio.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have reportedly been seeking out a meeting with the filmmaker, who is said to be the only person to have received a copy of Will Beall's draft of the script, according to Variety.

The report goes on to suggest that while Affleck might wish to direct "Justice League," he also would most likely want to suit up for one of the superhero roles.

"Affleck has made it clear that he's only interested in directing films in which he also stars," Variety wrote, "so it's likely that if this pairing ever came to fruition, he would don a suit of his own."

But while all the above might be true, there is a chance that Affleck is just not interested in the project as a whole.

In an interview with MTV post "Daredevil," a critical and commercial failure, Affleck was adamant about steering clear of any superhero projects in the future.

"['Daredevil'] was not that much fun ... and it's not something I'm particularly looking to go through again," he told MTV News in 2009.

Another possible factor ruling against Affleck signing onto the "Justice League" project is that his involvement would take him out of circulation as a director for a few years. That would present a problem when speaking on a known passion piece of his -- Stephen King's "The Stand." The potential two-part epic is reportedly slated to be a co-production between CBS Films and Warner.

According to Variety, Affleck has spent recent weeks pondering an offer to star in Greg Berlanti's long-gestating sci-fi drama "Replay," which WB has spent more than a decade developing. Based on Ken Grimwood's 1987 bestseller, the story follows a man who dies and gets the chance to relive his life over and over again, changing partners and professions each time.

Warner Bros. acquired DC Comics is 2009 in an effort take control of most of the superhero film adaptations.

While the studio has already made a mark on the big screen with Christopher Nolan's "Batman"/"Dark Knight" series, it's now set to release "Man of Steel" in next summer.

Other pics based on Wonder Woman and the Flash are still in script stages.