After a series of tweets, Aaron Carter made it clear he is willing to do whatever it takes to win “love of his life” Hilary Duff back. Wait, stop right there. Did we just get in a time machine and go back to the '00s?

Before some couples became one name (Brangelina, Robsten), when “I Want Candy” was still relevant and when Lindsay Lohan was actually known for her films and not run-ins with the law, the Carter-Duff-Lohan triangle was one of the hottest gossip topics among teens and tweens. It's a hot topic once again (at least for those who have grown up with the starlets) after Carter professed his unwavering love for Duff. 

The two split back in 2003 after he was rumored to be dating Lohan behind her back, but his mistakes from more than a decade ago have apparently come back to haunt him. 

Though Duff moved on, got married in 2010 and had a child, the self-described “mamma, singer, actress, writer,” now 26, is back on the market after she recently separated from former NHL player Mike Comrie. Carter might see this as his chance to finally get back with his ex, and made it clear, first by retweeting a picture of Duff that described her as “flawless.” But his tweets that followed were much more telling.

"Don't be that stupid douche that loses the love of your life forever.. Like me…," he started. 

"I'll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself to get back to her," Carter, 26, continued. "I don't care what ANY of you think." 

It seemed like he had a heavy heart while tweeting. "That tweet just gave me an anxiety attack," he wrote. "People who have no idea who I am and/or what I've been through. If you're that interested watch my interviews or google me."

Duff hasn’t responded to any of Carter’s advances publicly. Even though she and Comrie, 33, separated in January, the two had a Valentine’s Day outing with their son, Luca, 23 months, in what she called her own “modern family.”

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