Reality star Courtney Stodden recently shocked fans with her shaved head. The former “Couples Therapy” cast member shaved her luscious locks on late Sunday night as a symbolic gesture in the memory of the child she recently miscarried. Stodden explained her decision to fans in a video she posted on Instagram.

Watch it below:

Stodden explains in the video that she cropped her hair in order to start a new chapter and begin her life fresh. She told Toofab that although she hasn’t been able to look at herself in the mirror since she did the deed, her husband approves of her new look. “I haven’t even looked in the mirror yet today,” the 21-year-old blonde celebrity revealed, “I was absolutely resolute in my decision, but -- once the clippers turned on -- reality took hold and I was extremely terrified,” she added.

Surprisingly, Courtney Stodden’s 56-year-old husband and actor Doug Hutchison has been extremely supportive of her decision. “Doug completely supported me in this decision. He loves me and, after the haircut, he hugged me and told me that I’m beautiful,” she explained.

Stodden and Hutchison had announced that they lost their baby last month when the star miscarried the child. Ever since the tragic incident, the TV personality has been depressed and unable to eat.

However, Stodden recently posted a slew of photos flaunting her bald look. She appears confident, smiling and in better spirits.

While some fans have lent their support, others are less happy with her shaved head. “...or you could just delete your account. We’d all appreciate it!” one Instagram user commented on the video. Another fan said, “This is so sad. I hope and pray that this helps.”

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