Google+ is getting ready for games.  AllThingsD reported that Google+ is talking to game developers about bringing games unto its platform.

Google+ will reportedly take less than the 30 percent cut of revenues that Facebook takes, which could help lure in developers.  Moreover, Slash Gear spotted a Google+ help page that stated “If you’re looking for updates shared from games, check out your Games stream.”

The text, likely published by mistake, has since been removed.

The introduction of games on Google+ makes sense.   In fact, it may be critical to the success of the platform. 

Who would’ve thought that games would be so important to Smartphones?  Yet, the lack of games and other apps is a crucial factor that crippled BlackBerry in its battle against the iPhone and Android.

Moreover, Nielson compiled a report that showed games dominate apps downloads and paid apps downloads.

Facebook also shows the importance of gaming.   Over 50 percent of Facebook users play games, according to Lightspeed Research.  Moreover, Facebook is on pace to generate $1 billion in revenues from games in 2011, according to Kevin Ryan, an internet expert, reported Reuters.   

The ubiquity of digital platforms has given casual games a huge comeback.  People are playing them on the train, during breaks, and (especially) while working.  Moreover, the concept of social gaming is revolutionizing the entire gaming industry.    

The failure of BlackBerry and the success of Apple have shown that reliability and business functions simply don’t cut it anymore. Instead, platforms need to be fun.

If Google+ wants to become a widely adopted platform (and get money from people’s wallets), it needs fun games that provide users with amusement and pleasant diversion.