“Teen Mom 2” fans hoping to catch up with the MTV show's latest mom drama will be disappointed when they tune in Monday night. The network will not be airing a new episode from Season 7.

While episode 9 will not premiere this week, the network will be showing several episodes from the series. Fans can catch repeats of episodes 6 through 8, as well as a repeat of a Mother’s Day after-show, starting at 7 p.m. EDT. TV Guide’s synopsis for “A Closer Look, Mother's Day” reveals the moms will “reflect on motherhood” and “learn how much their kids know about them.” If you don't want to watch the episode live, you can tune in online here

Luckily for fans, “Teen Mom 2” won’t be gone for long! The season will go back to its normal schedule on Monday, May 16, with episode 9, “While You Were Out,” at 10 p.m. EDT. The installment will follow Kailyn Lowry as she struggles with her husband’s deployment and Jenelle Evans’ mom’s battle with her new boyfriend, David Eason. Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska will accompany her daughter Aubree to get a “new accessory” and Leah Messer will face more drama as she “receives troubling news about custody.”

If that weren’t enough “Teen Mom 2” footage, MTV will also be airing a new special directly after episode 9. In “Moms in Love,” the series’ stars discuss romance and heartbreak and play a game together.

While “Teen Mom 2” won’t continue with Season 7 for several days, MTV has already released sneak peeks of the next episode. There are four clips available, one for each of the show’s stars. The network has also shared a deleted, bonus scene featuring Jenelle’s ex Nathan Griffith.


Leah tells her sister Victoria she plans to continue fighting ex-husband Corey Simms for custody of their twins daughters, Ali and Aleeah. The last time viewers saw the former couple, they agreed to work on their issues, but Leah says Corey filed an objection to their custody agreement and wants to be the girls' primary custodian. Leah says Corey feels he is the more stable person. She adds that she doesn’t care if he “takes another breath” after everything he’s done to their kids.


Kailyn gets a call from her deployed husband, Javi Marroquin. She discusses a recent night out and thanks Javi for his involvement, revealing he sent flowers to her and her female friends. Javi says he’s struggling and feels like he’s in prison. Kailyn asks how she can help, but Javi says there’s nothing she can do, which makes her cry.


Chelsea takes Aubree to the eye doctor and finds out she needs glasses. The doctor says Aubree must wear glasses at all times to correct her left eye for farsightedness. Chelsea calls the news “emotional,” but Aubree is thrilled by the idea of glasses. Chelsea helps her pick out pink frames, and when she looks in the mirror, it’s clear she loves them.


Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, shows up to her house, but Jenelle refuses to speak to her, saying she wants to be left alone. When her boyfriend David comes out of their bedroom, he locks the door so Barbara can’t get inside. Barbara accuses David of keeping her daughter prisoner. Nathan tells her to leave if she plans to continue to yell at him, but she refuses and tells him to call the police.

Bonus Scene

Nathan talks to his friends about his custody issues with Jenelle over their son, Kaiser. Nathan says he thought he could co-parent with Jenelle but now can no longer trust her. As mentioned in episode 8, Nathan reveals he’s met with a lawyer and is filing paperwork to seek full custody with assurance he will at least get visitation rights to Kaiser if he goes to court.