Monday’s installment of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” was all about big changes. Kailyn Lowry had to adjust to her husband being deployed, Jenelle Evans struggled co-parenting with her ex, Chelsea Houska started planning her future with her fiancé and Leah Messer attended a big court hearing. Relive the drama that occurred in episode 8 of “Teen Mom 2” Season 7 below.


With her husband Javi Marroquin deployed, Kail starts to settle into life as a single mom. Kail reveals her son Lincoln is not fazed by Javi’s absence but that her son Isaac, whom she shares with ex Jo Rivera, is struggling. 

In one scene, Javi gets to FaceTime with Kail. He says he just got off work and is going off base to explore the new, unnamed country he’s working in. Javi lets its slip that he’s been warned ISIS is nearby and Kail freaks.

“What the actual f--k? OK. How about you don’t go off base then because no,” she says. Javi jokes about getting captured and Kail tells him not to say things like that. Javi ends the call by saying he’s “miserable” and misses his family but is trying to stay busy.

Watch Isaac ask about Javis deployment:

During a night out, Jo and his girlfriend Vee discuss Isaac’s upset about Javi. Jo says Isaac has been misinformed about his stepfather’s absence and was under the impression Javi would be alone in the desert without food or water. During a nighttime story with Kail, Isaac says he's fearful there are alligators where Javi is located. Kail calms his fears, saying Javi is safe. 


Chelsea had her wedding to Cole DeBoer on her mind in episode 8. The bride-to-be left her daughter Aubree with her mother to travel to a possible venue with Cole and a few friends. Chelsea reveals to her pals that none of the wedding planning has been stressful and her friends say it is because she and Cole are on the same page. 

During the getaway, Chelsea announces that she has a child support hearing with Aubree’s dad Adam Lind planned. She says she’s unsure if he knows about the hearing but doesn’t want to think about “his disgusting face.”

Watch Chelsea and Cole tour a wedding venue:

During Adam’s scene, he tells a pal that he hasn’t told Chelsea about his new career as a personal trainer or that he purchased a house. He says if he tells her she’ll want more money from him. Ultimately, Adam says he’s fine with Chelsea wanting more child support but that in turn, he wants more time with Aubree.

After the meeting, Chelsea tells her mom that Adam did not show up. She says a referee advised Adam to pay $1,000 per month as opposed to the $200 he’s currently paying. 


Despite their rocky relationship this season, Jenelle lets Nathan Griffith see their son Kaiser but makes her boyfriend David Eason supervise the visit. Jenelle says she had her boyfriend go to the meeting because she doesn’t want to see her ex. David says he and Nathan got along, but he wasn’t impressed by Nathan because he talked about himself a lot. David reveals he doesn’t want Jenelle to have to be around Nathan and suggests he act as a middle men for her when it comes to discussing Kaiser. 

Later on, Jenelle tells her friend she won’t hold Kaiser from Nathan. However, she says that if he decides to fight for her custody, she’ll make it “the toughest battle.”

Nathan does just that and meets with a lawyer to discuss custody. Nathan says he wants full custody because in his care, he says Kaiser will have a better future. The lawyer says they will try mediation but if that doesn’t work, they will file for temporary custody. 

Later on, Nathan contacts David about seeing Kaiser. Jenelle tells David to ask her ex if he has the necessities that Kaiser needs. When Jenelle asks for photographic proof of the items and requests that Nathan share his address, Nathan says he’s not comfortable telling them where he lives.

Watch David and Nathans text conversation:

“You can’t just take your child to some random spot. What if he lives in a whore house?” David says. “We don’t know!” David texts Nathan calling him “delusional.” Nathan writes back saying he doesn’t trust Jenelle or David and will see them in court.


Leah gets her daughter’s wheelchair fixed because she says she’s noticed that Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, has been getting weaker without it. Leah tells her daughter she can use the wheelchair whenever she wants but she needs to try to walk first.

Meanwhile, Corey Simms talks to his lawyer about his ongoing custody battle with Leah over their twins, Ali and Aleeah. He says he and his wife Miranda are stressed out because there’s so much tension with Leah. Corey says he wants to do what’s best for the kids and finish their legal disagreements.

On the day of their custody hearing, Leah says she’s hoping for 50/50 custody. When her mom calls prior to the meeting, Leah breaks down and says she’s “scared” because she doesn’t want her daughters to suffer.

Leah and Corey come to an agreement in court. Leah is given Thursday nights with the girls so she can be involved with their cheerleading. Leah agrees to give Corey the second weekend of every month. In the summer, Leah will get time with the girls and each parent gets two weeks vacation. Leah’s lawyer calls the meeting a success. Corey says he feels good about the judgment but if Leah starts having issues again, he will pursue more changes to their agreement.

Watch Leah and Corey talk about the court results:

After the hearing, Leah tells her kids that anytime they want to do to their dads they just need to tell her. When Leah drops off the kids to Corey, the two agree that they have communication issues. Corey tells Leah they need to be a team and Leah says they have taken a step forward.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.