They are holding hands and walking, dining together, practically being spotted everywhere in the New York City, but won't admit they are dating!

Keeping up with Kardashians star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West simply love the attention. They both are showcasing their gorgeous best and are aware that the paparazzi are following wherever they go. They are just giving ample teasers to their fans and media and are making the most of all the media attention.

After being spotted number of times having cozy dinner dates alone, Kimye was also seen dining with the Kardashian Clan once.

A source then told TMZ that the Kardashians absolutely love Kanye.

Like that event alone was enough, the 31-year-old recently threw another stunt upon her arrival at LAX airport Monday. The curvy beauty was seen donning earrings with alphabets K, W. Well, as far as we know Kim, there is no one in your family, whose initials are K and W, although everyone's name in your family's starts with K.

She could have worn any other alphabet, but she chose the initials of Kanye West. So what are we supposed to make of it?

Kim flaunted the gold KW letters on her left ear, which she certainly knew would be photographed at the airport. So, certainly, the move was deliberate. And now we know the couple simply loves attention.

Well, all the tantrums thrown by the celebrity couple is very simply explained by Naughty But Nice celebrity columnist and TV host Rob Shuter, who also believes that they are keeping mum to simply not lose attention.

Kim and Kanye are so smart. They realize a picture is worth a thousand words. If they actually speak, we might be less interested in these two, Shuter told MTV News. They know their biggest asset is looking gorgeous and shutting up.

However, Celebuzz editor Amber James seems to be not completely agreeing with this idea. He, instead, thinks that Kim might be just taking things a little slow this time.  She doesn't want to make any missteps this time around, James said.

The Kardashian clan has found themselves caught in the middle of a controversy after Kim's big fat wedding with NBA player estranged husband Kris Humphries fell apart in just 72 days of their marriage. Humphries has accused Kim of setting up the whole wedding just to make money, and using him for the same. Kim and Humphries are undergoing a very ugly divorce and Kim is waiting to be freed from the relationship.