Libya’s foreign minister Moussa Koussa is reportedly on a plane flying to London after he spent a two-day visit in Tunisia, according to a report from the Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) news agency.

TAP stated that Koussa was on an early afternoon flight Wednesday flying on an unidentified Swiss carrier that departed from the Tunisian resort of Djerba.

The report did not explain the reason for Koussa’s journey to London (where dozens of foreign nations had gathered yesterday to discuss the crisis in Libya).

TAP pointed out however that Koussa is not on a list of Libyans who are officially banned from international travel in connection with the United Nations’ sanctions on Libya.

Koussa reportedly arrived in Tunisia on Monday for “private” visit, according to TAP. Apparently, Moussa had travelled to Tunisia by automobile, crossing at Ras Jidr (where thousands of other foreigners had crossed weeks ago to escape the fighting in Libya).