While reports focused on rapper Kanye West not attending the VMA Awards -- allegedly because he wanted to be with his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, who was in New York -- two other megastars were also noticeably absent -- Jay-Z and Beyonce.

The "Diva" singer celebrated her 31st birthday this week, and instead of attending the music awards, she spent the week living lavishly, relaxing on a yacht with her family in France. Photos have emerged of Beyonce and Jay-Z doting on their eight-month old daughter, Blue Ivy. 

During their holiday in the south of France, the power couple spent their time jet-skiing, dining, drinking wine and relaxing in hot tubs. 

Blue Ivy clearly is already living the good life. Jay-Z told talk show host Oprah earlier this year, "at the end of the day, I just know I'll probably have the worst, most spoiled little kid ever." The New York Post reported that the rapper spent $600,000 on a solid-gold, handmade horse from Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka for Blue Ivy, and Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly spent $1.5 million on gifts for their now six-month old child.

On his rap song, "H.A.M.," released last year, Jay-Z raps, "You ain't got my lady's money!" It's true.  

Beyonce earned a cool $35 million in 2011, Forbes reported. The Daily Mail states that she spent $1 million on her Mercedes van, which is said to have a full bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. She also bought Jay-Z a luxury plane for Father's Day, worth a whopping $40 million, according to IBTimes UK.

In honor of Beyonce's birthday, handwritten messages were published on Beyonce's official website. Her celebrity best friend, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, sent a message from her and husband Chris Martin, that was also signed by their children Apple and Moses. She wrote: "For dear sweet BB on the occasion of her 31st birthday ... We love you so very much. Love Gwyneth, Chris, Apple, Moses (sic)."

Beyonce's younger sister, Solange, also acknowledged her sister's special day, writing, 'There is no-one like you in the world, of all of your mind blowing achievements, the one that first comes to mind is your kindness. 

Check out some of the latest photos of the superstar above.