On Tuesday, a photo of a Colorado Chipotle manager making a wide-eyed grin while standing next to Mitt Romney became a viral sensation, with sites such as Gawker and the Huffington Post claiming that Romney had been "photobombed" by the Chipotle manager.

But was Mitt Romney really photobombed?

Soon after the photo began making the rounds, The Daily interviewed the Chipotle manager, identified as Marty Arps, 20, of Denver.

While online kibitzers have been speculating that Arps made his wide-eyed face as a deliberate attempt to photobomb Romney and achieve Internet fame, he says it’s simply a frequent expression for him.

"It’s a facial expression I do when I’m excited,” Arps told The Daily. “I [did that] when I met Nicki Minaj. It’s like, ‘Ah, it’s them, right there in front of you!’ They’re not from another world.’”

Arps said initially, he had no idea that the Republican nominee was coming to the Denver Chipotle. When he saw Romney’s SUVs pulling up, Arps initially thought there might be trouble.

“All of a sudden you see these black SUVs come up really quick and I thought we were about to get robbed,” he recalled.

Arps even remembers exactly what Romney ordered on his trip, apparently “two carnitas bowls with guacamole — which is an extra charge.” According to The Daily, Romney’s total bill was $18.25, which Romney paid with a $20 bill and left the rest as a tip.

According to Arps, the encounter was entirely apolitical. Romney was simply another customer, albeit one he was excited to meet.

 “There was nothing political. He was just a customer,” Arps said, before adding “I’m not too hip to elections and stuff.”

See the photo here.