The founder of whistle-blowing Web site WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, an Australian currently under house arrest in the UK, might reveal the names of Indians holding Swiss bank accounts in the coming year, he said during a videoconference Saturday.

Specifically, he said the information would affect India and replied yes when asked if he would reveal names of Indians holding Swiss accounts.

However, Assange refused to divulge more details because Rudolf Elmer (a Swiss banker who provided him with the necessary information) is already facing legal action and is undergoing trials.

For that reason, unfortunately, I cannot speak about information related to Swiss accounts in great detail ... we must protect our people, he said.

Assange made some further astonishing revelations about Swiss secrets and the hacking and hijacking of data, when talking about India's National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), a group he compared with the U.S. National Security Agency.

In a report in the The Times of India, Assange referred to the kind of supervision certain governments reportedly engage in whereby, according to Assange, they suck out the data from emails and Internet transactions and pass on this economic intelligence to companies like Wal-Mart.