The most exciting part of Wednesday's Hornets-Bulls game was the five minutes before tip-off.

The NBA allowed Will Ferrell to do the pregame introductions for the contest.

Ferrell announced the starting lineups as only he could. The actor made a joke about each player after he introduced them.

First, Ferrell introduced the visiting Bulls.

At forward, number five, he still lives with his mother, Carlos Boozer!

Then Ferrell poked fun at the Hornets.

At center, six-ten from Connecticut, where he majored in econ, but he minored in love, Emeka Okafor!

Ferrell is no stranger to basketball. In 2008, he starred in Semi-Pro, a comedy about the ABA.

Ferrell also joked that the Bulls' Derrick Rose's favorite move is The Notebook and that the Hornets' Trevor Ariza still enjoys listening to Bell Biv Devoe.

At least we think those were jokes.

Below is the video of Ferrell in New Orleans: