Less people may be talking about Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee beer Super Bowl ad than some of the other commercials during Sunday's game, but that's because it only aired in Nebraska.

The comedian has been appearing in commercials for Old Milwaukee beer, a staple in Iowa college campuses, since 2011. Ferrell reportedly loves the beers so much, he had approached Pabst Brewing Company himself to offer to be a spokesperson, according to AdWeek.

So far Ferrell, who played The Tank in the frat house comedy Old School, starred in three low-budget ads for the beverage that have aired locally in Iowa and Illinois.

In the Super Bowl commercial that aired Sunday, Ferrell is seen dramatically walking through a field of wheat and opening up a can of Old Milwaukee.

 No list of best Super Bowl commercials would be complete without this big-budget gem that only aired in Nebraska, wrote Greg Schindler in Funny or Die's Tumblr.

For now, the Super Bowl Ad is only seen in this recording of a television. Enjoy.